Type: Infographic

Support: Digital drawing

Magazine of the University of Montpellier (Projet Personnel)


This is an infographic for an article of the French magazine LUM (of the University of Montpellier). Through various articles, this magazine reports on scientific and technological advances in the world of research.

This infographic visually represents one of the innovations cited in the article " Thérapies High-Tech" (High-Tech therapies) published in LUM magazine n°17 (Link to the magazine). The article describes BeatMove, an application designed for people with Parkinson’s disease. It offers them a wide choice of music suited to their physical condition, to stimulate them to engage in physical activities. The infographic explains how this innovation works and its benefits. It provides a concise and effective description of the BeatMove application.

A color palette similar to that of the magazine was used to maintain a cohesive graphic style. However, orange and mauve were used as complementary colors to highlight important information.

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Infographic on the innovation BeatMove
Infographic on the innovation BeatMove
Infographic explaining how the application BeatMove works and its benefits. BeatMove is an innovation that enables people suffering from Parkinson’s disease to practice a sport adapted to their physical condition and made entertaining by music.
Magazine article containing the infographic
Example of the result on a magazine article
Double-page magazine article containing the infographic on BeatMove in order to have a real example of how the infographic could be used.
Sketches of the creation process of the infographic
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.