Closing statements

Type: Legal Design

Support: Digital drawing

The ABC law firm (fictitious law firm - Personal project)


This Legal design summarizes the legal conclusions of a case pleaded before the French Civil Court*. It deals with a dispute between a tenant and a landlord concerning the insalubrity of the rented apartment.

This Legal design summarizes and synthesizes all the important elements of the closing statements (facts, claims, context, parties, etc.) in a single document. This makes it easier for the judge to familiarize himself with the elements of the case and to refer to this document during the trial, just like a table of contents for a book. This saves the judge time and makes it simpler to understand the contents of the case.

The color palette used is a purple gradient, representing the fictitious law firm ABC. It matches the colors of its visual identity, while remaining sober and uncluttered. A black and white version of the illustration was also created to make the text legible if printed in paper format, and to minimize the amount of ink used.

* The case is based on real events. However, all elements likely to allow any identification possible (names of people and towns, contact details, dates) have been modified for confidentiality reasons.

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Legal Design summarizing the 4-page closing statements
Legal design of the closing statements
The 4-page closing statements (on the left of the image) have been summarized and illustrated in a one-page Legal design (on the right of the image).
Laptop and mobile containing the Legal Design
Example of digital renderings
The Legal design is suitable for all digital media, whether computer, tablet or mobile.
A4 document containing the Legal Design optimized for paper printing
Example of the result on a A4 document
A4 document with the Legal design, optimized for paper printing. It has been restructured to make it legible once printed, and to minimize the amount of ink required. Ideal for reducing document printing costs while making it easier for judges to read.
Sketch of the Legal design.
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.