Employee departure

Type: Infographic

Support: Digital drawing

Avocat & Manager + Village de la Justice


This infographic is intended to illustrate an article published on the French website about justice and legal information, named “Le Village de la Justice” (Link to the article), written by Jean-Marc Brulé (Avocat & Manager), Consultant-Trainer for lawyers.

This visual explains the main steps involved in dealing with an employee’s departure. They are illustrated and follow a chronology symbolized by a trail of arrows. This approach enables recipients to quickly and clearly grasp the reflexes to adopt, but also the order in which to apply them, when they have to part with an employee.

The “Avocat & Manager” company uses blue and yellow for its corporate identity. These same colors were used in the infographic: they highlight both the employer and the employee.

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Infographic on employee departure
Infographic on employee departure
Infographic explaining the main steps involved in handling the departure of an employee.
Someone presenting the A4 sheet containing the artwork
Example of the result on a A4 document
A4 sheet containing the artwork to have a real example on paper, for instance, to be shown to end-users.
Online page of the web article containing the infographic
Result on a web article
Excerpt from the article published on Le Village de la Justice website, with the infographic. It could also be used to illustrate other web articles and posts on social networks.
Sketches of the creation process of the infographic.
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.