The hold phenomenon

Type: Legal Design

Support: Digital drawing

French lawyer Maître Karine DE LUCA (Personal project)


This is a Legal design for the French podcast “Let’s talk about divorce with Karine” by Maître Karine DE LUCA, a lawyer specializing in family, personal and estate law. The infographic summarizes and explains the important topics broached by Maître DE LUCA in the episode n°55: “Explaining the phenomenon of the hold from the lawyer’s point of view” (Link to the episode).

The ideas are sorted into several parts: a definition, a concrete example, pieces of advice, and explanations. For each part, the ideas discussed in the episode are clarified thanks to illustrations. To add a more human aspect to the Legal design, a mascot embodying Maître DE LUCA also makes some remarks. With this approach, the recipient can quickly and easily understand what the hold phenomenon is, how to get out of it, and why it is important to be aware of it.

The color palette used consists mainly of soft, pastel colors, which harmonize with the lawyer’s visual identity. Contrasting with these pastel hues, intense red and black colors serve to emphasize important elements.

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Legal design on the hold phenomenon
Legal design on the hold phenomenon
Legal design describing the important notions introduced in the episode of Maître DE LUCA’s Podcast on the hold phenomenon.
Poster of the Legal design
Example of the result on a A3 poster
A3 document with the illustration on the Hold phenomenon, to have a real example of how the legal design could be used
Post Linkedin of the Legal design
Example of the result on social networks
LinkedIn post promoting the mentioned podcast. It is derived from the initial visual on the Hold phenomenon and shows a real example of a post based on this Legal design on social networks.
Brochure of the Legal design
Example of the result on a brochure
Explanatory brochure about the hold phenomenon in order to have a real example of how to use this Legal design on a paper document to show to the recipient.
Sketch of the Legal design.
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.