Advertising medium - Lexclair

Type: Legal Design

Support: Digital drawing

French company Lexclair


This project involves the illustration and layout for two advertising medium for Lexclair, a French company specializing in Legal Design.

These elements were produced for an advertisement in a specialist magazine, as well as a roll-up used at the event “Les Transformations du Droit” (Transformations in the Law).

The aim is to give a human touch to the company’s advertising medium, by creating illustrations with a raw, textured style. The illustrations represent four different elements offered by Lexclair:

As for the layout, the graphic elements follow Lexclair’s visual codes so that the company can be recognized at a glance.

The colors used are taken from Lexclair’s graphic identity. A splash of red highlights the important elements.

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Ipad containing the illustrations of the project
Overview of illustrations
Work plan containing the illustrations produced for this project.
Trade magazine containing the Legal Design
Example of the result in a trade magazine
Example of how the insert would look in a printed magazine. It was also designed for a digital version of the magazine. In this case, the links can be clicked to access the Lexclair website or to send an e-mail directly to their address.
Kakemono contenant le Legal Design
Example of the result of the roll-up
Final aspect of the roll-up. It can be used to promote the company when holding a stand at a trade show, conference or other similar events.
Sketch of the Legal design.
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.