City map game

Type: Illustrated map

Support: Digital drawing

Personal project (Inktober / Patatober)


I made an illustration as part of the Inktober (@inktober).
It is an annual challenge to create a daily illustration based on a word or theme set for each day of October, with several artists offering their own list of themes.
I decided to take up the challenge by choosing the artist Marine Morscheidt’s (@patatober) list, with her theme being « Map of an imaginary city ».

I chose to make an illustration in the form of a game, a bit like Where’s Wally?
It represents the map of an imaginary city on which some items are hidden.
You have to find the following 7 lots with:

1  - a pink car
2 - a vegetable garden
3 - a paved path
4 - 3 cars
5 - an empty lot
6 - a purple pool
7 - a pool party

Click on an image to enlarge it

Cartapli du jeu cartographique et téléphone avec le post Linkedin faisant la promotion du jeu
Example of the result on a Z-fold map and on a Linkedin post
Example of how the city map game would look on a Z-fold map. A LinkedIn post has been featured to show how to promote the game on social networks.
Illustration of the plan
Illustration of the plan
Illustration of the map of an imaginary city on which some items are hidden. The list of these items can be found in the description above.
top left image top right image bottom left image bottom right image
Zooms on the plan
Zooms corresponding to the four quarters of the plan. Click on the images to enlarge them.
Solution of the game
The 7 elements to find are indicated with red circles.
The image is currently hidden (to not spoil the solution if you want to have some fun looking for the lots).
To reveal the solution, click on the image.