Arctic Marine Megafauna

Type: Infographic

Support: Digital drawing

CNRS (Personal project)


This is an infographic for the article “Arctic marine megafauna facing with climate change” (Link to the article) published by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

To raise awareness of the difficulties encountered when researching marine biodiversity in the Arctic, the CNRS has published an article based on the work of researchers Sébastien Descamps and David Grémillet. This infographic extracts the important pieces of information and condenses them into three illustrated sections, to clarify the vast subject of Arctic Megafauna.

Firstly, the drawing features a bear against a squid (with a touch of humor). This is followed by an illustration of the border between Russia and the Arctic. Finally, the two researchers and their schematic roadmap (symbolizing their action plan) conclude the infographic.

The color palette of the infographic is mainly composed of soft, pastel colors in shades of blue, reminiscent of Arctic marine life.

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Infographic on the Arctic marine megafauna
Infographic on Arctic Megafauna
Infographic summarizing the important concepts broached in the CNRS article on the Arctic marine megafauna.
A3 poster containing the infographic on the Arctic marine megafauna
Example of the result on a A3 poster
Infographic on the Arctic Megafauna in A3 format for a concrete representation of the use of this visual - on a poster to be displayed at a science fair, for instance.
Digital tablet containing the infographic on the Arctic marine megafauna
Example of the result on a digital medium
Digital tablet with this infographic to illustrate a tangible use on a digital medium – to teach a child, for example.
Infographic on the Arctic marine megafauna on a double-page magazine.
Example of the result on a magazine
Here, the infographic is on a double-page spread in a book, giving an example of how it would look on paper, such as in a scientific popularization magazine.
Sketches of the creation process of the infographic.
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.