River biodiversity

Type: Infographic

Support: Digital drawing

Magazine of the University of Montpellier (Projet Personnel)


This is an infographic for an article of the French magazine LUM (of the University of Montpellier). Through various articles, this magazine reports on scientific and technological advances in the world of research.

This infographic shows information from the article “La biodiversité en péril” (Biodiversity in danger) published in LUM magazine n°16 (Link to the magazine). It summarizes the answers to “What is impacting river biodiversity?” in several illustrations. This approach enables readers to grasp the answer quickly and clearly.

The color palette used is similar to the one in the magazine, in order to maintain a consistent style. Dark blue contrasts with lighter colors to highlight important elements in each illustration.

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Infographic on river biodiversity
Infographic on river biodiversity
Infographic summarizing the various factors responsible for the deterioration of river biodiversity. Each illustration represents a specific reason (pollution, overfishing, global warming, etc.).
Web article containing the infographic
Example of the result on a web article
Web article containing the infographic in order to have a real example of how it could be used.
Sketches of the creation process of the infographic
Draft containing the first ideas and reflections of the creative process.