The essence of art is not to be able to draw well, but to be creative and to find the right idea!

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Personalized support for the development of your project illustrations, suggestions and recommendations to optimize the visual rendition of your projects and to simplify your complex subjects.

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Single illustration

Realization of an illustration suitable for your work, for a specific need, such as an article in a magazine.

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Range of illustrations

A series of coherent illustrations appropriate to a defined visual identity, for recurring blog posts or the launch of a product line for instance.

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Two different graphic styles that open the door to more possibilities

An original first style with strong lines, a hand-sketched effect and texture

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A second corporate style with shapes without lines, and plain and contrasting colors

An engineer background ideal for simplification

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I graduated from an engineering school in Nantes and I had the opportunity to practice my former engineering career in France and abroad.

I finally decided to head towards a creative profession. I now combine my passion for illustration with my enthusiasm for science and engineering.

You can count on me to easily understand technical or complex subjects, and help you make them clear through beautiful illustrations!

Creative ideas that will give a touch of originality to your project illustrations

I have always made it a point of honor to bring creativity and aesthetics to my work, whether it be for presentations, reports or simple explanations.

You can rely on my inventiveness and ingenuity to come up with original and effective ideas for the visual rendition of your projects.

Trying new things and venturing into uncharted territories? I’m not even scared!

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Because a nice visual is better than a long text

They enjoyed working with me and have good memories of it...

  • « I wanted a mascot that would illustrate the different postures of the learner of my e-learning platform in creation and which is a unique model. Mel Owski perfectly met my expectations by imagining for my project a little character that breathes life and energy into the learning cycle. »

    - Jean-Marc B.
  • « Great work! Mel Owski managed to understand my need and to materialize it with beautiful illustrations. Thank you again! »

    - Vincent B.

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