Women’s rights

Type: Awareness raising

Support: Digital drawing

Personal project


This is an illustration for a personal project on women’s rights.
This illustration raises awareness of abortion, more specifically of the fact that some women do not have access to medical care to allow them to have an abortion in safe conditions.

The illustration shows a pregnancy test.
Two hangers form the two bars of the test, indicating that the test is positive.
In this case, the hangers symbolize illegal abortion and refer to the dangerous and archaic methods used to have an illegal abortion.

The information quoted in the illustration is from an Amnesty International article (Link to the article).

The color palette used is contrasted to emphasize the atrocity of the message. Blue and white are soft and soothing colors while red is an intense color referring to blood and danger.

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Illustration on women's right to abortion
Illustration on women’s right to abortion
Illustration representing a positive pregnancy test. The hangers symbolize the dangers of illegal abortion.
*sources: Amnesty International
Example of the final result on a billboard
Example of the final result on a billboard
Billboard containing the previous illustration in order to have a real example of how the illustration could be used.